National Medical Weight Loss Programme

Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health. Obesity is not a lifestyle choice caused by individual greed, but a disease caused by health inequalities, genetic influences and social factors

One of the keys to successful weight loss is to have realistic goals. The treatment for obesity is weight loss, and there are a number of ways to achieve that, including:

Behavioural Interventions such as diet


Physical activity increase

Stress management

Self- monitoring

Sleep management

These are elements that we can support you with through the National Medical Weight Loss Programme – with pharmacological options, supported by holistic therapy, personal training and nutritional advice we will help you achieve your weight loss goals

Cost of treatment from £275

Laura’s Story

“I remember telling myself in December 2020 that my new year’s resolution was to kick start my health. I wore a size 20 and weighed over 18 stone. So far, so familiar. But I caught myself in the mirror at the start of that December. Safe to say, I didn’t look like who I ever was – or wanted to be. I even remember being unable to breathe as I bent over to fasten my shoes. That was IT—my final straw.

Another medical practitioner recommended I go to see Amy. Even by the end of December – before my initial planned start of January 2021 – I’d lost a whole stone and was the lowest weight I’d been in some time. That was the incentive I needed. I knew it was worth doing.”


Ordinary Diets Didn’t Work

“Oh, I tried everything! Big name diet groups, Aloe diets, juices and shakes – the lot. I suffered anaemia at one point, which made me faint. On the Aloe diet, I’d lose weight at first – but that’s because I existed on fluids.

Amy prescribed Ozempic injections along with lots of support and guidance. With Ozempic, I can still eat the things I like. However, I only seem to fancy a nibble that fixes my cravings and makes me feel full up.”

With AL Medical Wellness, Weight Loss is Different

“I was just SO excited at the thought of ACTUALLY looking how I’d always wanted to. This was a big decision. It was such a drastic step and a considerable investment. But I know if I could go back and ask fat Laura, she would’ve paid anything to feel as confident as I do now. I feel super gorgeous, and finally, I love myself.

Amy was with me every step of the way, from the comprehensive consultation and keeping me fully informed. Weight loss injections are a daunting prospect, but Amy ensured I was fully clued-up, so it was easy. I chose to inject in the evening, just before bed, as my only side-effects were a little dizziness and slight nausea. I’d inject, go to bed with a hot water bottle, then by morning, I’d feel great!

And, if occasionally I feel a bit weak, dizzy or a little nauseous during the day, I simply eat a candy stick or two (they’re pure sugar but not too calorific) which helps me back to an even keel.”

Weight Loss That Works

“I saw results literally in the first few weeks. But they kept coming! I’m now 13 stone, so have lost over 5 stone, and wear a size 14.

I immediately increased my water intake, which will always help to reduce bloat. However, because I was so big, I’d burn a lot of calories in everyday life – my body reacted really well to my portion control and healthier food choices. Unlike almost ANY other diet, there was no need to make yourself eat tiny portions or deprive yourself. On the injections, you simply can’t overeat. It seemed almost effortless!”

Laura Got Her Life Back

“I have travelled a lot recently, for work – and for weddings. I’ve chosen not to stick rigidly to my diet. Considering I’ve visited Australia, Mexico, and Italy and thoroughly enjoyed their cuisines, I’ve only gained a centimetre here and there. I’ve maintained my weight. Plus, I know for sure that the moment I get back into my routine, I’ll soon lose that little extra – and I’ll keep on going. This really works for me, as it’s helped change my entire mindset around food and health. I no longer eat greasy foods – my body is so used to nutritious food, that I actually feel a bit sick if I eat something really fatty or greasy. That’s what’s helped when travelling, for sure.

The main difference I see in myself is my style. I could only dress a certain way and could never look at certain items of clothing. Now, I feel like a different woman. I can choose a mini skirt and my goodness; I can even wear crop tops! No, it’s not that important in the great scheme of things – but confidence IS.”

Another Client’s Story

My weight loss journey has been a lifetime struggle. At 45, I discovered Amy at AL Aesthetics who offered help with weight management issues. Amy provided a comprehensive package which included various medical questions, food questions and general well being questions and a consultation to discuss Ozempic. Initially I thought, if this takes half a stone or a magical stone of me then I have the motivation to keep going. However, Ozempic results have blown me away in unmeasurable ways. 5 and half stone down, and my life is so different now. The benefits of not having to look away, talk to people in their eyes. Walk into shops not scared to try on new things, life feels exciting now and to look in the mirror and be blown away at the changes this drug has provided me is mind blowing! Amy has consistently and constantly supported me throughout my journey. Always on the end of the phone and regular check ins. Supported me throughout my plateaus, insecurities and so much more. Still going strong with more to lose. It has been the only thing that has worked for me! Even after bariatric surgery. Forever grateful Amy xx.”