Dermal Fillers

Facial fillers are made using advanced technology, designed to give natural long lasting results to lift, volumise and refresh the skin.

To achieve desired results you need a holistic approach. Assessing the full face, it’s anatomy, the effects of ageing and how best to treat is often not a one off appointment but a journey. This journey will see subtle changes in shape and structure providing lift and appropriate volumising enhancing with natural Proportions 

Common Area of Treatment


The mouth is one of the most attractive parts of the body but with smiling, eating, drinking, laughing, talking and kissing we loose the signs of youthfulness we all take for granted – lip volume, structure and shape. 

Natural balance can easily be restored with the use of dermal fillers replacing what has naturally been lost through the ageing process.



Over time our body produces less collagen, elastin and the fat pads in our face reduce in size resulting in mid face volume loss and facial sagging 

Dermal fillers are a highly effective way of restoring facial volume, whilst also lifting the mid face

Jaw & Chin 

As you age and due to the effects of gravity and subtle changes in the teeth and bone structure of the jaw the ageing triangle reverses and the widest part of the face becomes the jaw line 

Dermal fillers can reinstate the natural definition and contour previously visualised restoring the triangle of youth we all wish to maintain 

Liquid Rhinoplasty 

Your facial profile can really affect your confidence, but the idea of invasive surgical options with extensive bruising and the risks associated often mean patients live with something that they no longer need too 

Liquid rhinoplasty with the use of dermal fillers is an effective none invasive treatment with immediate and often dramatic results lasting in excess of 18 months.

Bespoke and combination treatment packages available following consultation 

Consultation to establish the best product and how much is needed to achieve the best possible outcome is essential.

When will I see results?

Some results will be seen immediately however optimum results are seen 4-6 weeks after treatments once all swelling has settled and product integrated

Are there any side effects?
There is always a possibility of of bruising swelling redness and or pain over injection sites 
These are self limiting and often resolve with little or no intervention needed 
Rarely but possible are:
Delayed onset hypersensitivity – an immune mediated response 
Vascular occlusion – where product is placed in or on a vessel 
Ensuring treatment from a prescribing medical professional will ensure you are fully aware and consented for all eventuality and assured you are in safe hands. 
How long does treatment last?
Treatment longevity has lots of intrinsic and extrinsic factors such as health and lifestyle, metabolic rate, product used and area treated.
It is very hard to be accurate but you will be given an estimation of longevity at consultation.

Packages Available


Bespoke and combination treatment packages available following consultation 



Consultation to discuss the best treatment options and establish full costs is essential.


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