Blood Sampling

Here at A L Medical we offer many wellness services including phlebotomy.  Phlebotomy requests can be made by you the patient or by other clinicians such as dietician, nutritionists, psychologist or private physicians.  We are happy to provide services for both adults and children

We offer set panels as below
Baseline Health Screen

Reviewing 34 individual parameters £110

Tired All The Time

Reviewing 49 individual parameters £180

Hormone Health

Reviewing 8 individual hormone parameters £115

Male and Female Hormone screening available

Nutrition and Digestion

Reviewing 25 individual parameters £195

Vitamins and Minerals

Reviewing 14 individual parameters £115

Long Covid

Reviewing 36 individual parameters £150

Hair Loss

Reviewing 16 individual parameters £157

Individual Tests


You may not need nor require multiple tests therefore if its something specific you are particularly wanting then this is also an option

Standard single tests are also available from £75

Centrifuged Sampling


There will be certain samples that require particular care after taking one of these requests maybe centrifuging

Phlebotomy services with centrifuged sampling from £125

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