Skin Care – Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

Firstly, congratulations on either being pregnant or having had a child.  It’s an exciting time but one that sees all sorts of hormonal and physical changes.  It can be really unsettling not knowing what you can and can’t use safely when so much change is happening to your body but don’t worry here at A L Medical we have the knowledge and expertise to support you at this time.

Common things pregnant women notice are;

Increased pigmentation – Increased hormones through pregnancy can trigger excess melanin production in the skin, which can mean increased pigmentation.   You may notice these brown patches showing up even if you’ve never suffered from pigmentation before. Sun screen daily regardless of the weather is essential

Acne/Blemishes – In pregnancy skin can become more oily than usual making the skin more prone to breakouts and spots removing dead cell build up and excess oil which contribute to blocked pores and breakouts is essential and there are still products that can be used.

Skin Sensitivity – This can happen at anytime in pregnancy and or after the birth. Sensitive skin means that skin easily gets red or swollen, or feels itchy, irritated, tight or tender. If you already had sensitive skin or skin problems before pregnancy, it may get worse.

Misinformation about pregnancy skincare creates frustration and confusion for pregnant people during a time they should be enjoying to the fullest.  Book your pregnancy / breastfeeding safe skin care consultation today.

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