Skin is a complex organ, having the potential of both harm and good. As we are sure you are aware keeping your skin healthy and looking its best requires moisturizing, exfoliating, cleansing etc. However, what is not commonly known is that the seasons also require some adaptations to the skin routine.

“What’s so amazing?” you ask. “Everyone knows what happens to their skin in the winter, it gets dry!” True, but did you know there are actually a number of things that affect the way your skin looks in the winter? That means if you are looking to adapt your routine to deal with winter dryness, you need to go deeper and be aware of everything at play during these months.  In order to keep our skin healthy and hydrated, we need to adapt our routine to the cold season.

In this article, I will give a brief explanation as to how your body reacts during this cold period of the year, what discuss some of the changes you may make to better care for your skin in winter.

Climactic changes affect our barrier function reducing skins moisture levels, with dull dry skin appearing due to dehydration your winter skin regime should be all about deep hydration, protection and rejuvenation.  This can be a particular issue for skin as it ages as our skins ability to retain moisture decreases. So how can we reverse the impact of winter on our skin?

*Prep your skin a little more thoroughly for the harsh outdoor elements

*Ensure your skin care regime contains key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and peptides

*Active ingredients are key to seeing changes in your skin that are not just surface visible, so consider seeking professional advice from a skin care specialist who will create a bespoke, individualised skin care regime specific to your skin care needs

*Don’t be naïve enough to think you don’t need sunscreen, there isn’t a day in any full year where the UVA and UVB rays aren’t harmful to the skin to apply that sunscreen


I thought I’d show you how I’ve adapted my winter skincare to suit my current skin concerns

From Alumier MD Purifying Gel Cleanser (PGC) >Hydraboost Cleanser
In warmer times the air tends to be more humidified therefore making my skin more oily so PGC is perfect but in these colder dryer air times I need that #boost of hydration so my skin didn’t get to dry

From Hydralight > Hydradew
Even when my #skin is oily it still needs moisturiser but hydralight is the perfect combination of power peptides but light moisturising properties. Now I’m in winter skin mode HydraDew offers that intensity that’s needed to restore moisture leaving the skin soft, smooth and firm.

From Retinol Resurfacing 0.5 > Ever Active C&E
I love retinol and strongly believe all skin types can benefit from its use most of the year round but in winter my skin needs a little extra boost and get that by adding alternate days of Ever Active C&E

Something that never changes is my daily SPF – Moisture Matt in shade Sand an Innovative formulation which protects against UVA & UVB rays

When I want some added pampering and a little self indulgence I opt for the Home Hydration Kit which includes Aqua Infusion – an oil free light weight mask that provides intense hydration, Bright & Clear for mild exfoliation and Eye Rescue Pads – refreshing gel pads to reduce puffiness and fine lines in the delicate eye area. Perfect after a long hard day of zoom calling or virtually smoozing 😀

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