Most people have been considering treatment for some time and some for as long as 10 years. However one of the main concerns is the fear of people knowing that they’ve had treatment, one of the main things patients will say in clinic is – “I don’t want to look done”

As a medical practitioners with a less is definitely more view point this is something at A L Medical Aesthetics & Wellness we pride ourselves on.  A knowledge and understanding of anatomy, the ageing process, facial symmetry and balance is key to establishing this.

So what makes you look done?

There are lots of factors but a lot of it is down to product choice and placement.  Consultation is key to the success of any treatment and medically trained practitioner will not only consider the best way to achieve a natural balance but also the most appropriate products to do that.  That might be Botox, Dermal Fillers or collagen  stimulators in some situations it may be no treatment at all in clinic, but a referral onto others for more invasive interventions such as surgery.

Her at A L Medical Aesthetics & Wellness premium grade product choice from market leaders in the industry coupled with extensive training and holistic consultation considering all factors of health and wellness ensure your fears are eleviated and your expectations met.

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