Is your brow furrowed like a ploughed field? Maybe your laughter lines are just a little TOO hysterical. Or do you have a deep set ’11’ between your eyebrows? If so – or at least, if you aren’t happy about these things – then maybe anti-wrinkle injections – often known as Botox – are for you. No longer the preserve of purely the rich and famous, anti-wrinkle injections are accessible and affordable. Moreover, unlike more invasive anti-ageing procedures, they carry minimal risk, and there’s little downtime.

First up, let’s be clear. Please don’t think anyone “needs” Botox. If you’re happy with your skin and appearance, or those fine lines wrinkles don’t bother you, then that’s brilliant. Good for you. Look after your skin, drink water and always use sunscreen. Chances are, though, if you’re reading this, you’re already considering Botox, so we can assume that the lines and wrinkles DO bother you. It’s all about being happy in your skin. And if a few simple, little jabs can help you achieve that, then that’s brilliant, too.

What is Botox? What are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

According to the NHS, “Botox (Botulinum toxin) injections relax the muscles in your face to smooth out lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and frown lines.”

‘Botox’ is simply a brand name, much like Hoover or Sellotape. It’s the name everyone seems to use to describe the drug produced from a neurotoxin from Clostridium botulinum bacteria, botulinum toxin. Botox has a strange backstory. Its origins stem from the neurotoxin (clostridium botulinum bacteria), often found in soil. This neurotoxin causes botulism, a paralysing food poisoning when ingested. Other brands include Allergan, Vistabel, Dysport, Azzalure, Xeomin, and Bocouture.

Botox was first used back in the seventies, with the initial research being in the treatment of crossed eyes. Scientists discovered that the treatment weakened the Glabella – the muscles between the eyes. The reduction in scowling and frowning was impressive.

Why Botox?

Botox – an anti-wrinkle treatment – is highly effective in softening expression lines and reducing those deep-set lines. Treatment can even have a preventative effect. By immobilising the area, wrinkles, especially frown lines, can be discouraged from forming or worsening in the first place.

Anti-wrinkle injections before and after

Smooth Your Furrowed Brow with Botox

Sure, the world won’t end if your forehead is wrinkled; if you don’t choose to have Botox injections. But, if you look tired; if you want to look fresher, and the signs of ageing are getting you down – you will probably be thrilled with the results. Your confidence could soar. Don’t just take my word for it. This is Kath, who tried anti-wrinkle injections for the first time back in 2016:

“I’d always said that I would never consider ANY even slightly ‘unnecessary’ aesthetic treatments. I saw them as needless vanity. However, I’ve had a deeply lined forehead since I was at school, and a fringe just wasn’t cutting it. It was making me look old, tired, saggy. And that was making me unhappy. So I had Botox to iron out – if you’ll pardon the pun – a flaw, something I didn’t like. I know I won’t always be able to stop all the signs of ageing, but for now, delaying them gives me a huge boost. Nobody knows, and I can still raise my eyebrows, and even as it wears off, my forehead is nowhere near as lined as it was. My confidence at fifty-something is off the scale.”

Yep. Anti-wrinkle treatment certainly made Kath happier.

What are the Benefits of Botox and Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

From the aesthetic viewpoint, Botox injections help patients look and therefore FEEL good. That alone can be priceless. By relaxing specific forehead muscles, scowling and wrinkling can be drastically reduced – even eradicated – following a single appointment. Once the brow cannot move fully, deliberately or unconsciously, because the muscles don’t contract, you’re going to look younger, fresher and even rejuvenated. With regular anti-wrinkle or Botox injections, wear-and-tear on your face is lessened, long-term.

Gummy smile is better after botox

Self conscious about your smile? Botox makes it better…

More than improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles, Botox has many other benefits. Botox can even treat embarrassing, annoying or even distressing conditions such as excessive sweating and tooth grinding. Moreover, in some settings, even eye twitches, drooling, muscle malfunctions and spasms, irritable bladder or bowel incontinence.

Will Botox Freeze My Face?

The simple answer is no – on the proviso that your anti-wrinkle injections are carried out by an experienced professional, and only following an in-depth consultation. If it’s what you are looking for, we can keep your expressive face by using a specific injection pattern or perhaps a lower dose. There’s no need for ANYONE to have a frozen – or permanently surprised – face with a skilled, professional aesthetics practitioner. When you attend your consultation, we’ll discuss your expectations and hopes, as well as address any concerns. We will tailor a bespoke treatment plan to ensure you are THRILLED with your results.

Anti wrinkle injections consultation

A thorough consultation is crucial before anti-wrinkle injections

I Want Anti-Wrinkle Injections. What Should I Consider?

The most important thing to ascertain is that the practitioner is qualified, experienced and insured. Surprisingly, there’s no legislation – yet – to preclude non-medical professionals from injecting cosmetic treatments. Please, do NOT think that this means it acceptable for non-medical professionals to carry out toxin and filler injections.

The aesthetic medicine industry, indeed the entire medical profession, believe that anti-wrinkle injections – in fact, ANY injectable treatments – should only EVER be performed by medical professionals. This is your FACE. There’s no hiding if something goes wrong. Done correctly, “The risks of Botox injections are small.” (

Botox – and other branded muscle-freezing drugs used for anti-wrinkle treatments – are prescription-only medicines so can only be prescribed by a medical professional. A prescriber cannot dispense remotely; they must attend the patient consultation and be responsible for the procedure’s outcome. They must also be registered to prove they have the requisite training, skill and insurance.

What Does Botox Feel Like? And When Will I See Results?

The effect isn’t immediate, which, if you think about it, is a good thing – nobody’s going to notice a sudden change. Instead, you’ll see results over the next week or two and usually have a follow-up appointment to check you’re happy and that everything looks good.

The injections aren’t usually painful – the classic little prick or sharp scratch. Bleeding and marks afterwards are rare and minimal. However, some people report a mild headache following treatment. Others can feel a strange heaviness, or slight pulling, in the brow. Both will soon subside.

Avoid facial massage for a while – we’ll talk more about this at your appointment – and generally, look after yourself. Besides that, simply continue to practise good skincare habits and always, ALWAYS remember Factor 50 on your face.

Let’s Get You Looking and Feeling Your Best

Have a little read of our testimonials, here. Once you’re ready simply to look – and therefore feel – better, contact us today. We’ll be happy to talk through everything with you. All you need to do now is book your appointment and look forward to putting your best foot and your newly fresh face forward!

Looking happy, feeling happy

Looking good can mean feeling good. Be happy in your skin.