There’s a lot to like about getting older

You’ve made most of the silly mistakes you’re going to (and survived), you’ve likely got more time on your hands since your children have grown up, or even flown the next, you now have the confidence to care much less about what other people think of you and no longer suffer fools, you may find you have more money to do with as you wish, and since the desire for more and better has diminished, you’re calmer and more content.

But do you find yourself wishing ‘if only….’ In relation to your health and wellness?

You may wonder where your energy and vitality has gone, your skin has probably lost its dewy glow and freshness, your digestion is more troublesome that it’s been in years, and you want to ensure you’re taking care of your long-term health, so there are no nasty surprises lurking around the corner.

I want to let you know that the food you eat matters more than you think.  What and how you eat influences every area of your health and eating the right diet for YOU coupled with some positive lifestyle changes, like getting the sleep you need and managing stress, will help you feel like a new person.

There’s no reason that you cannot feel fabulous at any age, if you take the right actions, and it’s my job as a nutritional therapist and health coach to motivate and support my clients to do just that.  Working 1-2-1 with clients means I can create a personalised plan built around your exact needs, but here I’m going to share with you my top 3 tips, that have helped many of my clients turn their health around

FEEL MORE ENERGISED – Balance Blood Sugar

Balancing blood sugar is one of the key things I help my clients with.  Eating in a way that supplies a constant supply of energy through the day will help you avoid dips in blood sugar that leave you feeling tired, grumpy and craving the ‘wrong’ kinds of foods.

Very simply, you’d want to have a little protein at every meal and snack.  This includes meat, fish, eggs and vegetarian sources like tofu, lentils, beans and quinoa.  You also need plenty of non-starchy veg and smaller portions than you may be used to of starchy carbs like potatoes, rice, bread and pasta.

Unfortunately, the staple diet for many people involves cereal, sandwiches and pasta – often several servings in the same day – and this can contribute to blood sugar highs and subsequent crashes.

FIX YOUR DIGESTION – As you get older, some very important changes take place that can alter the way you digest your food.

Stomach Acid and Digestive EnzymesWith age, the body produces less stomach acid and digestive enzymes.  These are needed to break down your food.  Low levels are linked to a variety of gastrointestinal problems, including Helicobacter pylori infection, food allergies and intolerance, bloating, belching and flatulence after meals, indigestion and diarrhoea or constipation. Targeted supplements are available that can improve symptoms, but these should be recommended by an experienced nutritional practitioner.

Natural ways to support digestion include taking a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a little warm water 5 minutes before a meal before a meal, to stimulate stomach acid production.  Including bitter greens such as rocket, spinach, kale and watercress with the meal, or as a side salad will stimulate your digestive juices.  Taking a tablespoon of flaxseeds or chia seeds daily, along with a large glass of water can really speed up digestion and going for a walk after a heavy meal will also help to move things along.

SKIN – Look your best

For many, one of the most bothersome things about the ageing process are wrinkles and the dullness your skin can take on.  Although it’s not possible to take off the years, there are a number of things you can do to bring back that feeling of radiance.

Eating too much sugar and processed carbohydrates (like pasta, bread, cakes, biscuits) can lead to damage in our skin’s collagen, which keeps your skin elastic and helps it resist wrinkles.  Alcohol and caffeine can also have a negative effect.  On a more positive note, you should bring more of the healthy fats into your diet – fish, avocados, nuts and seeds all keep cell membranes soft and smooth – they’re nature’s perfect skin plumpers. If you have even a passing interest in face creams, you’ll likely have read about how some ingredients fight age-accelerating particles called free radicals.  The magic ingredients in this case are antioxidants, and they’re in plentiful supply in fruit and vegetables of all colours.  Eating as many different colours over the course of a week is helpful and they support your immune system too

If you would like to learn more, head over to my website where you can get my free ebook ‘Eat to turn back the clock’ with more top tips to age healthily.