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It’s all about the smiles…

It’s been a tough year, that’s for sure. But – at long, long last – there is light at the end of the – equally long – tunnel. The end IS in sight! What are you MOST looking forward to? Seeing friends and family? Reopening a shop or business? Nights in the pub? A long-awaited holiday or just some big days out? Whatever it is, no doubt you’ll want to look AND feel your best. I can’t wait for an afternoon with friends in a sunny beer garden (with factor 50, obviously…)

Are You Feeling Your Best?

We’re not all feeling our best. It’s almost a year since the first lockdown began. Gyms and spas have been closed for ages, and maybe your hair and skin treatments have been few and far between. Anti-wrinkle injections and fillers are just a dim and distant memory.

Perhaps the stress of home schooling has given you a new roadmap of your own. On your face, in lines and wrinkles. Maybe the loneliness of lockdown has led to a distinct lack of glow.  Or it could be that just being cooped up for month after month has left your skin – and you – feeling dull, tired and careworn.

Do You Want to Look AND Feel Your Best?

Looking at your best, looking fresher and more awake isn’t vanity. It’s not just about beauty or chasing the impossible dream of eternal youth. Sure, nobody wants dull, saggy or tired-looking skin – but there’s so much more to aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments than simply looking younger.

AL Aesthetics happiness and confidence

Bare-faced confidence

Yes, feeling good helps us look good BUT looking good can help us feel good, too – and don’t we all need a bit of that? THAT’S why my clinic is AL Medical Aesthetics – AND wellness.

Looking Good Helps FEELING Good

So yes, medical aesthetics are cosmetic treatments which can really help improve your appearance, and give a younger, fresher look. This is not just by smoothing out those pesky wrinkles or plumping up those cheeks but also by treating distressing conditions such as acne, scarring, excess hair, or skin discoloration. Patients in clinic will often talk about their ‘why’. It’s NOT always just to look better or younger:

Consultation is key to happy patients and good aesthetics

Tell me YOUR why and I’ll do my best to achieve your desired outcome.

  • To improve confidence: We all like to look our best. Some feel a pressure to do so – social media and celebrity culture have maybe exacerbated that somewhat. Aesthetics can help people address areas they’re unhappy with. Fillers, for example can alter the shape of the nose, or improve thin lips. Botox, we all know, is great for smoothing wrinkled foreheads which in itself can offer a great confidence boost. But did you know it can also help with excess sweating and even teeth-grinding?
  • Self-esteem: Continuing on from confidence, being happy with your appearance can give self-esteem and self-confidence a big lift. Nearly everyone has a part of their body which makes them feel insecure. It just makes sense to fix it if you can.
  • Mental Health: Good self-image is a BIG part of resilience and good mental health, while conversely aspects of your face or your body that really bother you can have a real impact on mental health. It’s often said it’s impossible to feel down if you smile. Well, there is also some early anecdotal evidence that once frowning is disabled, the reverse is true. More research is ongoing.
  • Depression: it may not be only the psychology of aesthetics that’s helpful. Botulinum Toxin (Botox) has started to be clinically assessed for potential use to treat depression. A 2017 clinical trial reported some early positive results. While the science is still under review, but researchers it could be down to ‘facial feedback mechanism.’ Different facial expressions cause muscle movements, which transmit messages to the brain. This signals a consequent emotion. The action of frowning triggers a negative emotional response. Apparently, activity in this area is often increased in sufferers from depression. Reducing the frown seems to limit the negative signals.

Aesthetic Treatments to Help Feel Good

Studies into people’s motivation for choosing aesthetic treatments show that over 70% of patients cited psychological wellbeing and self-confidence. Not appearance. NOT vanity. Sure, counselling could ease severe concerns about your physical appearance. Many patients prefer to ease their distress with a quick and easy procedure. Even those patients who do simply want to look fresher, younger, or brighter, will often have a specific motivation:

Mrs A, Stockport: “I’m in my seventies, so I know I’m not going to look young as such. But I really don’t want to look like a miserable old woman with a permanently downturned mouth.” Mrs A has subtle fillers to add a little volume and gently lift the corner of her mouth. Nobody suspects a thing (but she tells them anyway!)

Ms W, Cheshire: “I’m sick of people saying ‘are you ok? You look sad’ or ‘are you not sleeping?’ or accusing me of being cross all the time. A few fillers and anti-wrinkle injections around the forehead make all the difference.”

Ms B, Cheadle: “Ironing out my furrowed brow with Botox has made the world of difference. I still look my age – late forties – but I look good for it.”

A Bit of Work Can Make a LOT of Difference

We’ve definitely seen a huge surge in aesthetic treatments, such as dermal fillers and Botox. This ‘little bit of work’ can make a great, BIG difference to how you feel. Aesthetic treatments such as fillers and anti-wrinkle injections have never been more accessible and affordable. They also bring minimal risk and low downtime. That’s when carried out by a medical professional, of course. It’s simply never worth the risk to skimp on that. If looking better can help you feel even just a little better, then it’s WELL worth it.